Orders passed in petition

  Court Proceeding of petition No. 15/2017(M)

S.No. Hearing Date Procceding
1 2018-03-19 Commissions order for hearing
Status: Processing

2 2018-02-19 Commissions order for hearing.
Status: Processing

3 2018-01-12 Shri Neeraj Agrawal for respondent M/s Rashmi Sponge Iron & Power Ltd., Shri S.K. Singha for CEI and Shri S.K. Pandey, EE for CSPDCL.

2. Shri Pandey files information in compliance of our order dated 20.07.2017. The CSPDCL submitted that they had not purchased any power from M/s Rashmi Sponge Iron & Power Ltd. during the financial year 2015-16. The detail of sale of power outside the State through IEX, if any, is available with SLDC. Copies of the CSPDCL submissions are handed over to M/s Rashmi Sponge and the CEI. Copy of CSPDCL submissions may be given to SLDC.

3. Heard the parties. The case was earlier closed for order. During preparation of orders we observed huge variation in data, hence both the parties are called today to explain how and why the data submitted are so different. No one could explain to our satisfaction. Hence, we decide to issue show cause notices to the respondent M/s Rashmi Sponge Iron & Power Ltd. and Chief Electrical Inspector with direction to show cause why action should not be taken against them for suppressing and not submitting the actual data before us. The reply of the notice must be submitted within a month positively with warning in case of non filing of reply it will be presumed that they have deliberately suppressed the actual data and the Commission will pass appropriate orders against them on this basis.

4. The data regarding injection of power by M/s Rashmi Sponge to the grid shall be obtained from the SLDC. Accordingly, the SLDC be asked to submit the data within three weeks.

5. The case will be decided after disposal of the show cause notices issued to M/s Rashmi Sponge and CEI.

6. The case is fixed for hearing only on the show cause notices on 24.02.2018 at 11:00 AM.
Status: Processing

4 2017-12-23 Commission's order for hearing
Status: Processing

5 2017-07-20 Shri Neeraj Agrawal, present for respondent M/s Rashmi Sponge Iron & Power Industries Ltd. No one present for Chief Electrical Inspector (CEI) and Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited (CSPDCL).

2. Despite service of notice, no one present for respondent CEI and CSPDCL. Both the offices be issued show cause notice to clarify why action should not be taken against them for non-compliance of Commission's notice.

3. The respondent denied the data submitted by the Chief Electrical Inspector. He submits the details regarding power generation and consumption in his reply. The CEI is directed to verify the data given in reply, within 07 days. Copy of the reply is already served to the CEI.

4. The CSPDCL shall submit details regarding power injection and drawl from the grid, within 07 days.

5. After receiving verification report from CEI and details from CSPDCL, if required we will call the parties for further hearing, otherwise the case is closed for orders.
Status: Close for Order

6 2017-06-27 Commission orders for hearing
Status: Processing

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