Orders passed in petition

  Court Proceeding of petition No. 13/2017(M)

S.No. Hearing Date Procceding
1 2017-07-21 Shri Nilesh Dangyach, DGM (commercial) for NSPCL. Shri S.K. Singha for office of CEI, Shri S.K. Pande, EE for CSPDCL and Shri R.G. Gupta, DGM and Ms. S. Laxmi AGM for SAIL-BSP.

2. The BSP applied to make a party in this suo-motu petition, stating that the SAIL-BSP is a major consumer of PP-3, NSPCL in Chhattisgarh and any order in this petition would affect the SAIL-BSP.

3. The CSPDCL objected that in this petition the BSP could not be impleaded and they may be directed to file a separate petition for the matter.

4. Considering the argument presented before us, we admit the application of the SAIL-BSP to implead them as respondent no.2 in this case.

5. The CEI and the CSPDCL are also impleaded as respondent nos. 3 and 4.

6. The SAIL-BSP is directed to file their detailed pleadings within two weeks, with copy to the other respondents. The other respondents should make their submissions within further two weeks thereafter, with copy to the other respondents.

7. The hearing on the matter will be fixed after completion of pleading by the parties.
Status: Processing

2 2017-06-13 Commission orders for hearing
Status: Processing

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