Orders passed in petition

  Court Proceeding of petition No. 02/2017(M)

S.No. Hearing Date Procceding
1 2017-10-05 Commission's order or hearing
Status: Processing

2 2017-04-07 Shri Apurv Goyal, Advocate for petitioner. Shri Niket Khandelwal for respondents nos. 01, 15 & 16, Shri Priswaprakash Mahapatra for respondents no. 03, Shri Anil Tharowani for respondent no. 07, Shri Aditya Agrawal & Shri B.S. Pottose for respondent no. 10, Shri Abhinav Kardekar and Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Chawla, Advocates for respondent nos. 14, 22,23,24,28 & 45, Shri Panna Lal Sharma for respondent no. 29, Shri Dineshwer Singh for respondent no. 36, Shri Ratnesh K. Mishra for respondent no. 37, Shri Neeraj Kumar Agrawal for respondent no. 39, Shri Vinay Kumar Jain, Advocate for respondent no. 40, Shri Vikash Dubey for respondent no. 42 are present. Other respondents are absent today.

2. The respondent nos. 01, 15 & 16 file their replies. Copies of the replies are given to the petitioner.

3. The respondent no. 36 seeks time for filing reply. They are directed to file their reply within a week, with copy to the petitioner.

4. The other respondents appeared today, submitted that, they do not want to make any further submission apart from their replies, already filed before the Commission. We exempt them from personal appearance in future proceedings, unless they are called specifically.

5. Some other respondents who have filed their replies but not present today, we presume that they are also not interested to put their arguments apart from their replies.

6. Rest respondents, who are not present today and also not filed replies, be noticed with direction to file their replies within 15 days positively, with copy to the petitioner. In case, of default no further chance will be given for filing of reply and we will proceed ex-parte against them on the basis of materials available on records.

7. The petitioner CREDA is directed to check and verify the details given in replies, filed by the various respondents and submit detailed report to the Commission by 15th May 2017 alongwith an affidavit of the OIC, in support of such verification report. In case no reply is received from any of the respondent, the petitioner shall submit the report based on details as available to them regarding the respondent.

8. After compliance of above directives, if required, we may call the parties for hearing, otherwise the case is closed for orders.
Status: Close for Order

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